Ed slowly climbs out of his weldeserved winterdepression..
Ed= fresh as a little pear
Ed's mood would best be labelled as "unstable"

Ed is pretty muc done and over with...

"1...2...3... and hop."
Ed desperately starts the powerful engines of his moon-rocket, in the search for fun.
Bah! Here on the moon there's also not a shit to do!!
Maybe on a warmer spot?

Well, nice temperature in here, but not so much cosiness...
Maybe underneath this manhole cover?

Hmm..also not really a lot fun to find in this place...
The party-atmosphere in Ed's rectum is now at its lowest
and ignition!

Ed's farting himself a way through the sewer..

HAHAHI! That sucker of an Ed doesn't realize shit!
Ed still doesn't realize that he ended up in the finals of the football-show

This quiz is a joke!
Yeah Yeah! - and now the toughest question: How many balls were in the pants of Ruud Gullit during christmas in '78?

Just chill Edje
Take a nice cup of coffee....
Ed's brain is about to blow!

Ed's losing total control
Ed's patience is put to the test pretty bad - "Wankers"

Count yourself! 1.2.3...

Look over here you dickhead, number four!

No wrong: 3 balls. So now you just can shut your big mouth Ed, because...

Time for the commercials!
"oh dear"
Where can you still find that nostalgic taste of ARO peanutbutter?
Do like duck Flip, only feed your plants "Pip". Pip, for all your plants
Uncle Bor for all your unpayed bills!
Uncle Bor pays-at-the-door!
With Uncle Bor it's solved within an eyewink!!
YeahYeahOhlala! Here we are again, welcome back from the commercial break.
Time for the final round!

these questions are only answerable in full knowledge of the Big Football ABC...
Book: The big Football ABC

The first letter of the word "Ballet"
The "B" from bolleke Ed!!
In the meanwhile, Ed kicks ass in the Football-show.
"With a B from Bolleke", "Right again..."
Caustic Soda?!
- NaOH!
What is the fifth sense of taste? Unami
What was the name of the man with three legs? Francesco Lentini
Damn, those freaks have an answer for everything.
Right, then it's time for the question of questions.
Oh no, the question of questions.

Ed clearly is not impressed. "Ha ha, what a joke!"
Ed inhales with great power
Its now or never
I can go home if he succeeds with this!